Our aim is to build unity and community in Osteopathy by realising innovative event plans and gathering osteopaths and allied health professionals together in the one place.

Planning to present your own CPD?

As a business run by osteopaths, we have a great starting point of what event vibe you may be looking for. We offer events in Melbourne and in Sydney. So if you wanted to speak in either, or both cities, get in touch with us! 


Events with Ozteo can be delivered in any shape, size and form.

Specialising in:

  • Hosting CPD Seminars from speakers from all over the world 
  • Clinic Team Building Workshops
  • Volunteering and Charity Events for Osteopaths
  • Osteopathy Business Launch Event

Event Planning Checklist

Do you need some help organising your event? Can't be bothered finding the right venue? We can help provide you with staff, organising the perfect venue, organising ticket sales, lunches, beverages etc. Anything you require to make your osteopathic event perfect!

Some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Location – We can offer great spaces in Melbourne and in Sydney. Whatever your event is we can help find a relaxed chilled out vibe, or more of a modern twist. We have searched and made great contacts in Melbourne and Sydney for the best venues.
  • Refreshments and Snacks – We organise light fresh fruit snacks, sandwiches, teas, fruit and herbal tea, and coffee at your event 
  • Event Management Software and Equipment – We provide projectors, TV's, sound equipment, even massage tables! Just let us know what you need!
  • Promotion, Blogs and Sales  –  We will promote your event on our Ozteo Facebooks page, the Osteopathy Jobs and CPD around the World Facebook group (4.5k members) and other social media platforms, updating with fresh new content regularly. We organise tickets sales from our end through the Ozteo website so you don't have to lift a finger when it comes to client payments. 


Upcoming Events 

  • Guest Speakers from UK and Around The World – We have Alan Sidebottom from Osteohustle coming all the way from the UK to speak in February 2020 in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Coffee Mornings with Specialist Surgeons – We have surgeons in the pipeline coming to spend a coffee morning with Osteopaths to discuss the journey from Osteopath to possible surgery.
    • Charity and Fundraising - We are planning an Ozteo charity event for Osteopaths to come together and do good for the community. We have great links with CPD events around the world including Bali, Tasmania and New Zealand 
    • Team-Building Lunches/Days - We have the perfect place for you to build your team - a beautiful space just outside of Melbourne where everyone can feel relaxed straight away and you can build your team effectively. 


    Get in contact!

     Email us: support@ozteo.com

    1. Email us with your name and contact number
    2. Tell us your awesome idea! Make sure to include: Location(s), preferred date(s) and times, and duration of the talk/event.