Why do we supply RedCoral Needles?

Red Coral have manufactured their own range of needles with direct consultation of health professionals to deliver a range of high quality acupuncture and dry needles. They are Australian owned and produce quality needles tried and tested by Osteopaths.

Their needle products are produced using high quality German surgical stainless steel, enabling the clinician to deliver a pain free acupuncture and dry needling experience to their patients.


Karl Anderson, Founder of RedCoral

"My journey started with a 12 month Visa for China and off I went to start a business in acupuncture needles. Without any contacts, appointments or leads I was off. I had a quest for adventure and thirst for success. I stayed in Shanghai with friends and we researched factories that produced acupuncture needles. Suzhou proved to be where they were being made.



I went to all the big names firstly to understand what it was that driving the high prices and quality issues. It became very apparent that the needles being produced were inexpensive and of average quality. I went to over a dozen producers until I found a small factory that were at the time working with a US supplier we knew about. The excitement was overwhelming and the result was our first product: The Red Coral Premium Acupuncture needle.

With what little money I had left, I purchased as much as I could and headed home with the first Red Coral Needle."


Why we chose the Natural Needle to sell on Ozteo

The Natural needle is a traditional Chinese Spring Type handle needle and as all Red Coral needles are; is produced under the one factory roof to ensure stringent quality control at every stage of production. The needle is made from high quality German surgical stainless steel and is perfect for needle stimulator machines in eastern and western practices. All needles are individually inspected before leaving the factory and have a silver lightweight handle to ensure smooth insertion

Features and Benefits

  1. High grade German surgical stainless steel
  2. Silver traditional spring type handle
  3. Lightweight
  4. Super fine needle tip


November 28, 2019 by Ozteo Online

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