Ozteo Universal Back Support Brace for Women and Men

After purchasing and testing many different types of back supports, we at ozteo decided to create our own. We found that many we bought were bulky, some materials too hot to wear comfortably, and some did not provide sufficient support.

We developed a back support that aims to get people back to their everyday life.

We want a back support that:

  • Improves movement confidence
  • Discrete under clothing
  • Provides support to encourage healing




  1. Movement confidence and support

Using a back support brace can get people with back pain moving more confidently  

  1. Limiting aggravating movements

Back pain can be aggravated by flexion (bending forward). A back support brace provides support to the lumbar spine.

  1. Lumbar traction

In many cases, a disc injury may not heal as quickly due to added anterior weight bearing. Using a back support may help traction the lumbar spine and take pressure off of an inflamed area.

4. Aim to prevent re-injury

A back support brace may act to help to prevent re- injury by providing lumbar support



The OZTEO Universal Back Support is flexible and adjustable, made from breathable webbed material for ventilation with velcro straps for additional compression. This support has been designed for both men and women to encourage movement while providing support for the lower back and posture support.

Use for heavy lifting, lumbar spondylosis, herniated discs and acute back injuries. 

Available in sizes: 

*Measure around the largest part of the waist

  • Small (85-105cm) 
    Size: Women 6-10 / Men up to 30"
  • Medium (105-115cm)
    Size: Women 10-14 / Men 30"-32"
  • Large (115-135cm)
    Size: Women 14-16 / Men 32"-36"
  • XL (135-145cm)
    Size: Women 16-20 / Men 36"-42"
  • XXL (145-155cm)
    Size: Women 20-24 / Men 42"-52"
  • XXXL (155-165cm)
    Size: Women 24+ / Men 52"+


April 10, 2017 by Ozteo Online

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