Osteopathy Australia: OsteoLife Interview with Ozteo

Here at Osteopathy Australia we were intrigued to find out more about why she started Ozteo, the first online osteopathic supplies website by osteopaths.

So what made you decide to start OZTEO?

In the UK and in Australia, I noticed that Osteopaths would tend to refer patients to buy recommended rehabilitative aids online, usually from eBay. However once patients were outside of the treatment room it would become apparent they were unsure what to select and be overwhelmed with the number of products on offer.

So we decided to create Ozteo – the first purely online Osteopathic store that as Osteopaths we can recommend to our patients and also purchase our own clinic supplies.



 How does this site help patients?

The emphasis was always to create a place where Osteopaths can recommend their patients to purchase trusted, quality products. Osteopaths who operate in smaller clinics might not have the space to stock everything a patient may need. We decided to expand the idea to include clinic supplies as well. Our aim one day is to offer everything Osteopathic related including text books, anatomy posters, plinth covers, paper face holes, oils and creams and more!


We’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from Osteopaths suggesting what they’d like to see. It’s been a great indicator for us to research and source new and current products for the site that an osteopath may need.





 So, it was a site for Osteopathic patients at first, how did it develop for Osteopath treatment supplies?

After the initial idea of offering products purely for patients, we looked into introducing treatment aids for Osteopaths such as acupuncture and dry needling needles, kinesiology tapes, as well as diagnostic supplies such as tuning forks, measuring tapes, patella hammers, urine analysis strips,etc. All with the knowledge that they have been tried and tested by an Osteopath first.


We found the larger supply stores tended to complicate the buying process by requiring codes and memberships in order to purchase their prices in bulk. So we’ve simplified the purchase process by making bulk selection easier.


Our experience with GST was the added shock at the end of payment, as well as the high cost of delivery.Taking all this into account, we streamlined this by including GST in the price and free delivery for purchases over $50. We have also added an optional feature that if you do decide to create a member account you can print all invoices at the end of the financial year for tax purposes.



How long did it take you to setup?

We came up with a few different names and then a friend of mine from university suggested 'Ozteo'! From there, we started researching supplier websites and purchased many samples. A lot were poorly made so we reached out to the manufacturers directly to redesign our own. Following a year of back and forth we finally received products that we were proud of, comfortable and easy to use. It started with back supports, and then we did the same with pregnancy supports, coccyx cushions and kinesiology tapes.


Once the remaining products were agreed upon, we built the website and took the product photographs ourselves in our clinic. All up… it took 18 months from inception to the day we launched the website!


So, you’re an Animal Osteopath too..how did that come about?

Animals truly are my greatest passion. I believe Osteopathy has a lot to offer all animals. Working for a vets practice came about after doing a home visit for a patient back in the UK. When I had finished, she told me her dog was also having trouble, so I decided to treat her dog too. After the dog went back to the vet for a return visit, he was apparently surprised at the dog’s improvement and it was then that I received a call to join his practice at Colne Valley Vets as an Animal Osteopath.



Then in 2016, while travelling through India, I spent a few weeks in an animal aid shelter (Animal Aid Unlimited) in Rajasthan. They were helping treat injured street dogs, donkeys, goats and cattle. It was a shock to see the state they were in and incredibly tough to witness them in so much pain. I did what I could to help their mobility. A goat named Annabel is one that sticks in my mind. She had both her forelegs run over, but was the most loving animal I’ve ever encountered. I’ve since beetold she has fully recovered which is a relief to hear.


For me, there’s no greater feeling in witnessing improvement in the mobility and quality of life of an animal, and of course, humans too.


And finally, back to Ozteo, how can our readers find out more?


We welcome everyone to come visit our site at www.ozteo.com.au

For more information about us, please contact: support@ozteo.com



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