Alan Sidebottom (M.Ost) OsteoHustle: Can Marketing and Social Media Really Help?

We are excited to present British Osteopath and Marketing Expert Dr. Alan Sidebottom (M.Ost), creator of OsteoHustle for a good old fashioned Ozteo interview. We can't wait for his workshop in Melbourne in February but until then here’s what he has to say about all things osteo marketing! 


Hello Alan! I've been loving your social media posts but before we get into that, when did you first know you wanted to become an Osteopath?

I kind of fell into it, to be honest. When I was 17-years-old, my Dad told me that I had two options: either find a university course that guaranteed a job or join the army as he did. I thought to myself: wellIm not enrolling in the army, so Id better start looking at decent uni courses!I was going to study marketing at Worcester University, however, my neighbour spoke to me about how shes been visiting an Osteopath to fix certain problems. After an hour or so researching a little about Osteopathy online, I decided that was what I wanted to do.



Your perseverance and enthusiasm is palpable! What made you inspired to help Osteopaths with marketing?

As I was researching for my second and third-year business essays, I couldnt find much in terms of marketing for Osteopaths. None that appealed to me anyway.

Because I didnt have much of a budget when I set up my clinic, I couldnt afford to pay others to do the things I wanted doing, and most of the people I tried to work with didnt really understand what Osteopathy is. So I made it a personal mission to talk to as many Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, gym owners, personal trainers, and massage therapists as possible. Basically, anyone who would be willing to share what marketing did and didnt work for them.

Just before being nominated for the Institute of Osteopathy Practice of the Year, my partner and a few friends suggested that I should share what I had learned.


Whats your background in osteo marketing?

 My background comes from being forced to learn everything I could about marketing from any source I could as cheaply as I could. I've dedicated the last 3 years glued to YouTube and paid online courses, tracking down anyone who I thought would have something to share, and using my own clinic as a guinea pig to test if the strategy worked in an Osteopathic clinic environment.

 While I wasn't busy treating patients, it made sense for me to make proactive use of my spare time.



How do you think marketing will help Osteopaths?

Osteopaths have always been helped by marketing, the same as what all businesses have been. However, many Osteopaths try too much or struggle to choose what to do and decide to do nothing.

The only difference is that back in the day, you used to open up shop, stick an advert in the local newspaper, sign up to your local directory, and depend on word of mouth. Now there are so many different options to choose from since the start of the internet and social media.

I understand that having so much choice can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but you don't have to be marketing on all levels. It's also tough to understand something as complex as social media if it's not a part of your world.

Marketing will work so much better if you take the time to understand a few different options very, very well.




Who will marketing help the most? I.e Students, associates, clinic owners.. ?

I believe that business and marketing skills should first and foremost be taught and examined at the undergraduate level. If we can properly educate on a grassroots level, the level of awareness amongst the general public will sky-rocket.

This is when I began to approach societies and universities about marketing talks for students and staff. A lot of marketing talks can be a hard listen, which is why my talks are interactive and welcome questions at any time, with the aim to improve confidence and knowledge.

A lot of Osteos, associates and clinic owners alike, who have been practicing for a while often believe that they have to stick to their marketing tactics and brand if they have been using them for a while or have run out of ideas but the number of marketing ideas is infinite, so there are always different avenues to explore which may make all the difference to the number of people you treat and your profit margin.


And finally, what do you want Osteopaths to understand about marketing?

That marketing doesn't have to be complicated if you understand that you're playing the long game. Successful marketing involves a natural amount of trial and error. I also want more Osteopaths to stop considering each other as competition. Its so much simpler and less stressful to join forces with other Osteopaths. If youre not comfortable with teaming up with someone down the road, get back in touch with your old Osteo mates from University and have an open honest discussion about how you can help each other.


 🗓 Saturday 22nd February 2020 ⏰ 11am - 4pm

🧠’How to crush marketing as an Osteopath’ Seminar and Workshop

🗣Alan Sidebottom (M. Ost) and Business Marketing Expert @osteohustle

📍Curate Space, 306 Little Collins St, Melbourne 

What to bring: 💻✏️📓


💎 Understand Australian marketing and social media standards according to AHPRA 

💎Confidently use social media to increase local awareness and engage clients,

💎Establish and enhance your clinic brand, and

💎Feel empowered to take control of marketing your clinic. 

Open to all osteopaths, practice managers and social media marketers.


Tickets $199 🎫:

👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 20% OFF for students code: STUDENT


Thanks Alan. We look forward to hosting your talk! 

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